Danielle Dykema is a Master’s student in plant breeding with Dr. Beavis and is working on a genome study of Arabidopsis ecotypes from the 1001 Genomes Project.  She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities as of 2010.  

Vishnu is a PhD student in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program, working with the group since 2014. He has B.Tech in Biotechnology from PSG College of Technology, India and Masters of Science in Biological Sciences from National University of Singapore. His Masters thesis research was focused on identifying the components of gene regulatory networks involved in cartilage and central nervous system developmental pathways in mouse and zebrafish systems respectively. For his PhD he shifted his focus from developing and testing molecular biology and genomics tools to bioinformatics tools. His PhD dissertation projects are focused on evaluating genomic prediction tools and selection strategies to improve genetic gain in plant breeding using simulation methods. For more details, check his CV .

Matheus is an Agricultural Technician (La Salle Agro, Brazil), an Agronomist (Londrina State University, Brazil), and has a Master’s Degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of São Paulo (ESALQ/USP, Brazil). In addition, he completed the specialization “Plant Breeding & Engineering for Mediterranean and Tropical Areas”, as an exchange student (BRAFAGRI program, 2013-2014) at SupAgro, in Montpellier, France.
During his 5 years as an undergraduate student, he did an internship in a Plant Breeding laboratory where he worked with maize breeding, mainly in the development of inbred lines, hybrids, synthetic populations, sweet corn, and Doubled-Haploid technology. He also did internships at DuPont Pioneer and Tropical Breeding & Genetics (TMG) in Brazil, as well as at Limagrain Europe in France. In his masters, he jumped into statistical genetics and worked with predictions of single-cross maize hybrids in the framework of multi-environment trials. Currently, Matheus is pursuing a P.hD. degree in Plant Breeding with a minor in Statistics at Iowa State University under Dr. William Beavis. His initial dissertation project is to develop/evaluate a metric to estimate genetic gains on an annual basis using routine soybean field trials. For more info, please check his CV.