William D. Beavis

Citizenship: USA.

Birthplace: Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Agronomy Hall, ISU
Ames, Ia 50011
Phone:800 450 4854 (4412)
Fax:      515 294 7301
E-mail: wdbeavis@iastate.edu
2027 Indian Grass Ct
Ames Ia. 50014
515 268 1779


Positions held

Professor, and GF Sprague Chair, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University, (Sept 2007 to present).

Interim Director , Plant Sciences Institute. Iowa State University (Sept 2009 to April 2014)

Chief Science Officer, NCGR, Santa Fe, NM (October 2000 to Sept., 2007).

Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Mexico (November, 2002 – Sept. 2007).

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, University of New Mexico (January 2003 – December 2006).

Adjunct Research Scientist, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 2004 – present).

Board of Directors, National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR), Santa Fe, NM (July 2001 to present).

Board of Directors, New Mexico Biomedical and Biotechnology Association (January, 2002 – January, 2004).

Board of Directors, New Mexico Technology Research Collaborative (January, 2003 – 2005).

Director of Science Programs, NCGR, Santa Fe, NM (June 1999 to October 2000).

Program Leader for Complex Traits, NCGR, Santa Fe, NM (September 1998-June 1999).

Research Statistician, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Int’l, Johnston, IA (1987-1998).

Data Manager and Population Breeder, Sorghum Breeding Department, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Int’l, Plainview, TX (1986-1987).


Ph.D., 1986, Plant Breeding Major, Statistics Minor, Iowa State University, Ames, IA.

M.S., 1981, Interdisciplinary Biology-Statistics, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM.

B.S., 1978, Range Management, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA.

Extramural Research Support:


01/01/15 – 12/30/16 ($150,000)

Role: PI
Title: Backcross Breeding Optimization: Phase II

09/01/14 – 08/31/17 ($150,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title: Acceleration of Soybean Yield and Composition Improvement through Genomic Selection

12/05/13 – 11/30/16 ($1,750,000)

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Title:Plant Breeding MS Program for Africa

03/01/12 – 6/1/15 ($212,188)

Title:Nested Association Mapping to Identify Yield QTL in High Yielding Elite Soy Lines



9/01/12 – 6/30/14  ($176,740)

Role: PI
Title:  Backcross Breeding Optimization 

4/01/11 – 3/31/12  ($25,000)

USDA-ARS (58-1275-2-343)
Role: PI
Title:  Design and Analysis of Nested Association mapping Populations in Soybean

2/28/11 – 3/31/12  ($16,572)

United Soybean Board (20110565308)
Role: Co-PI
Title:  Nested Association Mapping of Genes Controlling Soybean Yield and Other Key Traits

2/28/11 – 3/31/12  ($25,043)

United Soybean Board (2241; 2011-05907-03)
Role: Co-PI
Title:  Nested Association Mapping to Identify Yield QTL in Diverse High Yielding Elite Soybean

3/1/11 – 2/28/13  ($22,200)

North Central Soybean Research Program (PHASEII2010-2013)
Role: Co-PI
Title:  The Sudden Death Syndrome Research Alliance

6/1/08 – 12/31/10  ($500,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title: Training Maize Breeders for Sustainable Bioenergy Maize Production

1/1/08 – 12/31/10  ($50,000)

Role: PI
Title: Combinatorial Partitioning Methods for identifying functional markers.

2/27/08 – 11/30/11  ($305,040)

Role: Co-PI
Title:Enhancement of Oat and Barley Germplasm

10/01/04 – 9/31/09  (NCGR - $2,620,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title:  Immunity to Infections and Vaccines 

10/1/05 – 9/30/07 ($1,760,000)

NSF-MGI 05-512  
Role: Co – PI
Title: Population Resource and Genome Sequence of the Vegetable Pathogen Phytophthora capsici 

9/1/05 – 8/31/07 ($1,700,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title:  Virtual Plant Information Network

3/01/05 – 2/28/07 ($100,000)

Role: Co – PI
Title:  Genetic Analysis of Murine Pulmonary Immunity. 

01/01/02-12/31/07 ($6,540,000)

Role: PI
Title:  Model Plant Initiative, Legume Information System

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5/1/05 – 4/30/08 ($3,000,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title: Soymap, an Integrated Map of Soybean

10/1/06 – 12/31/06 ($225,000)

Role: PI
Title: A Legume Information Network

04/01/01–09/31/04  ($500,000)

Role: PI
Title:  GeneX:  An Internet Accessible Gene Expression Database

09/01/99-08/31/2004 (total-$5,429,525 / NCGR-$1,931,527)

Role:  Institutional representative and Co-PI
Title:  AtIR-An Arabidopsis thaliana Information Resource

02/01/03–12/31/2003  ($100,000)

Role: PI
Title: Comparative Map Viewer: an integrated bioinformatic tool to display and compare genetic information on a consensus map.

11/01/00 – 10/31/03 (total-$1,292,814 / NCGR-$83,649)

European Union 5th Framework.
Role: Co-PI
Title: Gene-Mine

07/01/01-06/31/02 ($148,000)

Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research 
Role: PI
Title:  Comparative Map and Trait Viewer

03/01/02-02/29/03 ($18,000)

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center 
Role:Principle Investigator
Title: Comparative Map and Trait Viewer.

12/31/00-12/31/01 ($35,000)

Rockefeller Foundation
Role: Institutional Represenative
Title:  International Bioinformatics Workshop.

10/01/99-9/30/01 ($35,000)

Role: Co-PI
Title:  Development of Resources for Functional Genomics in Pig

06/01/99-06/01/01 ($60,000)

Role: PI
Title:  Informatics Based Comparative Mapping

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Teaching and Educational Activities

Graduate Student advisees (degree, program, year completed):

Vishnu Ramasubramnian, ISU (Bioinformatics Computational Biology)

Andreomar Kurek, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding)

Danielle Dykema, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding)

Zhanyou Xu, ISU (PhD, Bioinformatics Computational Biology)

John Cameron, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding)

Haley Trumpy, ISU (MS, Plant Breeding)

Dawn Gibson, ISU (MS, Plant Breeding)

Tracy Doubler, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding)

Reka Howard, ISU (PhD, Statistics and Plant Breeding)

Kendra Meade, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding, 2012)

Shreyartha Mukherjee, ISU (PhD, Bioinformatics Computational Biology, 2013)

Franco Asoro, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding, 2012)

Mark Newell, ISU (PhD, Plant Breeding, 2011)

Graduate Student committees (degree, program, year completed) :

Ignacio Trucillo (PhD, Plant Breeding )

Ye Han, ISU (MS Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2014)

Naser Alkalifah, ISU (MS Plant Breeding 2013)

Trent Moore, ISU (MS Plant Breeding withdrawal)

Bryce Lemke, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding withdrawal)

Pan Xu, ISU (PhD Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2012)

Katie Strand, ISU (MS Plant Breeding 2012)

Massiel Orellana, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding 2012)

Yong Sheng, Chen, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding 2013)

Karen Grote, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding 2011)

Carla Vogel, ISU (MS Plant Breeding 2010)

Jonathon Jenkinson, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding 2009)

Guy Brock, University of New Mexico (PhD Statistics 2003)

Brian Munneke, Purdue University (PhD Statistics 2001)

Lance Veldboom, ISU (PhD Plant Breeding 1994)

Post Doctoral Fellows (Employer):

Dr. Bongsong Kim (current PDF)

Dr. Kendra Meade (Syngenta Int’l)

Dr. Karen Schlauch (George Mason University)

Dr. Brian Shiloff (Exagen Corp)

Dr. Lisa Astuto (Sandia National Laboratories)

Dr. Baohong Guo (Syngenta Int’l)

Classes taught:

Agronomy 528x Introduction to Quantitative Genetics 2014 Iowa State University

Agronomy 513 Quantitative Methods for Agronomy 2008,2009 Iowa State University

Agronomy 523x Molecular Plant Breeding 2009, 2010 Iowa State University

Agronomy 621 Advanced Plant Breeding 2009, 2011, 2013 Iowa State University

Short courses taught:

Techniques for identification of QTL:
1995  Cold Spring Harbor
1994  Cold Spring Harbor
1993  Cold Spring Harbor
1993  Iowa State University
1992  University of Minnesota
1991  Iowa State University
1991  Pioneer Hi-Bred soybean breeders
1990  Pioneer Hi-Bred corn breeders
1990  Pioneer Hi-Bred research directors

Techniques for generating linkage maps:
1994  Cold Spring Harbor
1993  Cold Spring Harbor
1991  Pioneer Hi-Bred soybean breeders
1990  Pioneer Hi-Bred corn breeders
1990  Pioneer Hi-Bred research directors

 Introductory Statistics for Laboratory Experiments:
1993  Pioneer Hi-Bred, AMB labs
1993  Pioneer Hi-Bred, Disease Resistance and Insect Bioassay labs
1989  Pioneer Hi-Bred, Biotech Research Assoc

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Other Professional Activities:

2005 – 2007. Science advisory board to NSF funded CREST (Centers for Research Excellence in Science & Technology) award to the New Mexico Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

2004- Lead review of the USDA-ARS Soybean Genomics and Improvement Laboratory, Beltsville, Md.

2003- present.  Scientific advisory board to NSF-PGI funded project on structural genomics and association genetics of maize evolution.

2002 – present.  Advisory Board to NSF-PGI funded project on functional genomics of root growth and root signaling under drought.

2001 – 2004    .  Advisory Board to USDA-IFAFS funded project on Compositae Genomics Project.

2000 - 2002.  Advisory Board to NSF-PGRI funded project on the Cotton Genome Project.

1999 - 2002.  Advisory Board to NSF-PGRI funded project on soybean functional genomics.

1998.  Panel Manager for the Plant Genome Panel of the National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program, CSRS, USDA.

1997  Member of the Genome Panel for the National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program, CSRS, USDA.

1997. Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics and Biotechnology.

1996 - present. Associate Editor of Genetical Research, Cambridge.

1995 - 1996. Review panel for MILQTL program at the University of Liege, Belgium.

1994.  Member of the Genome Panel for the National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program, CSRS, USDA.

1992 – 1994. Member of the genetic nomenclature and database committees of the Maize Genome

1990 - present. Referee 5-10 manuscripts per year for Genetics, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Crop Science, Trends in Genetics, Trends in Plant Science. 

1990 - 1995. Review competitive grant proposals submitted to PHI.

1993 - 1994. Chair of maize mapping team at PHI.

1992 - 1994. Heterosis committee member at PHI.

1992 - 1995. Guest lecturer for classes at Cold Spring Harbor, Iowa State University and University of Minnesota.

1992 - 1994. Served on graduate student committees at Iowa State University.


2002 Elected to the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Biomedical and Biotech Association

2001. Elected to the Board of Directors for the National Center for Genome Resources.

1998. Recognition for development of a useful Maize RFLP map conferred by the Department of Biotechnology at Pioneer Hi-Bred.    

1993. Elected to chair the Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics and biotechnology for 1997.

1985. Iowa State University Research Excellence Award. This award is conferred upon the top ten percent of the dissertations submitted to the graduate college.

1985. Awarded a competitive mini-grant from the Iowa State Graduate College for cooperative work  with the University of Minnesota on isolation and electrophoretic separation in enzyme- restricted  mtDNA from Avena species.

Honor Societies:

1983 Gamma Sigma Delta.

1980 Sigma XI.

Referenced Publications- Click Here

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