Supplementary Information From Various Projects

Supplemental Tables from” In silico Genotyping of the Maize Nested Association Mapping Population” published in Molecular Breeding 2010.

Supplemental Files from "Transcript Abundance in the Ear Shoot Meristem and Variability for Grain Yield" submitted.

Supplemental Tables from Generation Means Analysis / Graduate work by Shreyartha Mukherjee.

SoyNAM Mapping Project

Supplemental Files from the Soybean Nested Association Mapping Study.

Supplementary Resources1 Code and Data for Reka Howard's work: "Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Methods for Genomic Selection of Traits With Additive and Epistatic Genetic Architectures".

Supplementary Resources2 Code and Data for Reka Howard's work: "Response Surface Methodology for Genomic Selection".

Supplementary Resources3 "Simulation code for Predicting Progeny's Phenotype Using Parental Phenotypic and Genotypic Information"